The work of ConeXión Mosaico was birthed in the summer of 2006, though its vision and mission were in the making since 1991. It took 15 years to refine, shape and grow the idea from the time ConeXión Mosaico’s founder conceived the idea. Finally, in 2006 our first team of four people, hailing from Zimbabwe, Switzerland and the U.S., brought ConeXión Mosaico to life in a slum community of Chimalhuacan.

During our first couple of years we concentrated on research, building intentional relationships, and engaging in hundreds of one-on-one conversations that eventually resulted in small citizen committees who in turn carried out different community improvement projects.

Over the course of the last years we have grown our organization and its impact. Apart from community organizing, we’re engaged in a host of other projects that seek to address urban poverty from different angles, always focusing on raising local leadership. At the same time, we have started several house churches, discipleship groups, evangelistic Bible studies, and emotional recovery groups while equipping existing church and community leaders, helping them become more holistic and effective in their own community work. We have also made preliminary inroads to creating business initiatives that will integrate revenue generation models into our projects, in order to make them sustainable and reproducible.