Holistic: we seek holistic transformation
Lasting change in urban slums never comes through single-issue interventions. It only occurs when poverty is addressed from many different angles: including spiritual, emotional, mental, economic, environmental and structural transformation. We therefore seek holistic transformation, grounding our vision, values, work and lives in the hope-filled faith that God wants to see God’s vision of Shalom established on earth as it is in heaven. As we seek holistic transformation, we seek to be transformed ourselves.

Commitment: we are joyfully and passionately committed to see our vision come alive
We recognize that holistic transformation is a complex process which requires hard work and a long-term commitment. Quick fix solutions don’t work. We aim therefore to promote and model a holistic and hope-filled vision for the future, joyfully committing to persevere to see this vision come alive and grow deeper and wider in its impact. Commitment without passionate joy in our work won’t carry us far, which is why we recognize our need to continuously find joy in God and be impassioned by God for his transforming mission in our world.

Participation: we promote the participation and development of people and leaders
We prioritize the leadership and participation of those we serve as critical to creating and sustaining change. We seek to catalyze a movement of change agents to multiply impact, and we value people’s development and capacity-building as a mean towards that end. We encourage and actively accompany those who take ownership and seek to grow the reach of our mutual vision and mission, by establishing systems to identify, train, mature and release leaders, who in turn train other leaders.

Relationships: we prioritize relationships and teamwork
We believe that relational brokenness is at the heart of poverty and that reconciliation of relationships at all levels is key to overcoming poverty and injustice, allowing people to work cooperatively to renew their lives and their communities. Therefore, we prioritize building healthy and trusting relationships that encourage the healing of our mutual brokenness and lead to the formation of a fellowship of grace. We also value teamwork as a natural outgrowth of reconciled and life-giving relationships.

Excellence: we prize excellence and innovation
We aim to work with excellence, following best practices and standards, and developing the necessary professional skills within our organization as well as in the communities in which we work, in order to achieve growing and sustainable results. We encourage innovation, working towards new solutions to old problems, while seeking to apply our human and financial resources in such ways that maximize impact and sustain benefits to the greatest number of people.

Accountable: we value transparency and accountability
We aim to be honest and consistent in what we say and do, in the way we manage our finances and in our relationships among each other, with beneficiaries, donors and the government. We strive to be transparent in our accounting and reporting, and pursue to be accountable stewards of the resources we’ve been given. We furthermore will seek to acknowledge our failures when things go wrong, both personally and organizationally. While failures are human they can become transformative opportunities when we acknowledge them, learn from them and use them as stepping stones for new possibilities.

Partnerships: we are inclusive, strategic partners
We recognize that transforming urban slums goes beyond the capacity of a single organization. Therefore, we seek to work alongside the poor and oppressed and facilitate collaboration among different stakeholders, including community groups, other NGOs, churches, local governments, and the business community, recognizing strategic partnerships as essential to advancing social justice. In doing so, we work without prejudice with people of all faiths and none, while being careful not to compromise our own core values.

Reproducibility: we focus on reproducibility and scalability
We aim to work ourselves out of our jobs, avoiding unhealthy dependencies and developing the methodologies, systems, relationships, organizations and networks necessary to sustain, scale, reproduce and multiply our vision and mission into new areas. We also seek to integrate revenue generation models into our projects so that the transformational work begun may be sustained long after we have left.