CDS - FINALStructural injustice, ongoing corruption, poor urban governance, opportunism by political parties and crime in addition to personal brokenness, spiritual emptiness ,lack of vision and purpose, and false beliefs have conspired to keep many residents of Chimalhuacan and Los Reyes La Paz in a cycle of hopelessness and apathy. No wonder, many are looking for answers in the super-natural realm. New saints and darker cults with strong occult leanings, are fast gaining ground. The need and opportunity to plant and grow missional churches is great. So is the need and opportunity to equip churches to become change agents.

We believe that the church is God’s principal instrument to bring about transformation, which is why we created Comunidades Mosaico – our church planting initiative. Comunidades Mosaico exists to promote the growth of a holistic church planting movement, where reproducing missional churches steeped in a Kingdom-of-God theology practically impact individuals and communities in such a way that God’s presence and power become manifest on personal, familial, communal, environmental and systemic levels.

Shalom_webTo accomplish this vision, Comunidades Mosaico has begun to plant reproducing house churches that regularly meet to worship and adore God, pray and seek healing, study and apply God’s Word, be in community and encourage reconciliation, exercise a ministry of presence in their communities, make disciples and promote God’s vision both locally and globally, minister to those in need through practical acts of service, defend the marginalized and seek justice.

Comunidades Mosaico lays a strong emphasis on discipleship and leadership development, equipping members to know themselves, deepen their understanding of God’s redeeming Story, develop their own life missions in light of the Bible’s transforming vision, and experience the Holy Spirit’s empowering presence to carry out this mission. In doing so, Comunidades Mosaico helps its members and churches to become change agents that advance God’s Kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven, demonstrating to a broken world, that God is alive and interested in our Shalom.