InKr-Logo-Col-WebLack of jobs and economic opportunities force many residents of Chimalhuacan and San Jose Palmas to commute 4-5 hours each day to find work in the city. Apart from being a huge drain on peoples’ energy, the jobs people find often don’t provide a living wage and so don’t allow for a way out of material poverty. High levels of underemployment and lack of job security, therefore, hinders the development process and prevents people from exiting the vicious cycle of poverty. This is why still many decide to migrate to the United States in hopes of a better life.

In order to address this tangible need, InKrea was created as an umbrella to house our business, micro-loan and entrepreneurship training initiatives. While we’re still in the very beginning stages of this, InKrea hopes to work on four to five different levels:

Integrate revenue generation models into our different projects in order to sustain them long-term, and allow them to cease to be dependent on Western funding after five to seven years of launching them. For example, Centro Renovar, our guesthouse and retreat facility in Papalotla, is now available for rental to host church and corporate retreats, seminars and special events. The large tent we use for medical campaigns is also available for rental for private parties and special events. Profits from the rental of these facilities directly support our transformational community initiatives among Mexico City’s urban poor.

Launch small business initiatives In order to create local jobs that contribute to the economic sufficiency of urban poor families. For example, we have launched our first business initiative; the production of promotional materials such as T-shirts, napkins, caps, mugs, key chains and other personalized items. These products are available to organizations and businesses as well as for private use.

InKrea_mugIn time, we plan to provide entrepreneurship and basic business training to help local residents create and grow their microbusinesses; teaching them basic accounting and business administration, while providing them with technical assistance so they can improve marketing, productivity and sales.

In the medium- to longterm we also hope to add a microloan program to help interested beneficiaries of our other initiatives obtain loans to grow their businesses.

Finally, InKrea will help build bridges between business people, social entrepreneurs and the urban poor, in order to encourage other business initiatives that will create jobs and economic growth in the urban poor communities we serve.