In developing the skeleton for our change model we decided to do two things first:




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When we launched ConeXion Mosaico we started with a different question: Instead of asking, What can we do about urban poverty?  We decided to ask, What will it take to see lasting transformation in urban slums? The first question moves us into action, which is good! But it also quickly lets us recognize our personal limits. The second question, in turn, invites us to explore the wider dimensions of poverty and calls us to look beyond ourselves for solutions which often means partnership with others, productive strategic planning and meaningful interventions.

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There are many definitions for poverty. In ConeXión Mosaico we have tried to listen to all of these voices and have identified five root causes of poverty and developed corresponding working definitions for urban poverty.  Please click here to read more about our definition of poverty.








Our Change Model is based on 5 integral components built on:

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