Many slum-dwellers have a rather fatalistic worldview. Pain and trauma have marred the identities of countless individuals. As a result they don’t have much hope that real change is possible and those in power often reinforce this lie. Of course, all of these things keep them from seizing opportunities and moving forward. That’s why spiritual transformation and psycho-emotional recovery is key for them to gain hope, to boost their self-esteem and to adopt new life values. Indeed, changing the way they see the world and themselves is crucial to overcoming poverty. This is why we believe that churches that understand their purpose are God’s principal instrument to bring about transformation. While churches cannot face the complexity of urban slums without city authorities, business communities and NGOs, neither can these do it without the Church. Faith-based groups and local churches are often the only effective or influential NGOs in slum areas. Which is why we’re all about facilitating the creation, development and growth of healthy and holistic local churches and church planting movements with a vision for community transformation. We believe this is vital to bring about long-term, sustainable change.