Our goal is to transform urban slums and contribute to the building of cities where people can live purposeful and dignified lives and make God’s Kingdom more visible.

We do this by incarnationally living among the urban poor, sharing life, practicing hospitality, building bridges between the poor and non-poor and by developing a change model that strategically addresses five core areas of poverty, which correspond to our five definitions on urban poverty. Our desire is that this change model can be adapted, reproduced and multiplied by other organizations, churches, ministry teams and social actors in Mexico City and beyond so that many more slum dwellers can experience life as God intended it to be.

What we describe below, of course, is still an ongoing work in progress. Some of the areas are more developed than others, and some are yet to be birthed. Some of the interventions are fully led by Comunidad Mosaico staff, while other areas are developed in collaboration with other entities and strategic partners.

Focus Area 1: Faith Communities that Transform the City 

  • Promote holistic church planting movements
  • Facilitate prayer networks for the city
  • Equip faith communities to holistically serve their neighborhoods
  • Develop church leaders to become emotionally healthy change agents
  • Emotional recovery and psycho-spiritual counseling for hurting people

Focus Area 2: Communities that Transform the City

  • Sports, recreation and life skills training for children and youth
  • Develop youth & children as change agents
  • Promote community, public and environmental health
  • Facilitate community development
  • Develop educational initiatives and community arts
  • Economic & business development
  • Develop community leaders into change agents

Focus Area 3: Relationships that Transform the City

  • Marriage counseling and enrichment
  • Domestic violence and sexual abuse prevention and victim assistance
  • Community organizing
  • Increase civic participation & strengthen civil society
  • Networking and coalition building between civil society-business-government
  • Create relational bridges between the poor and the non-poor.

Focus Area 4: Systems that Transform the City

  • Public Defense, Advocacy and Lobbying for Better Governance
  • Urban Design & Planning
  • Research on pertinent issues

Focus Area 5: Processes of Reproduction that Transform the City 

  • Development of resources, training manuals, detailed project manuals etc.
  • Development of reproducible pilot projects with model character
  • Provide consulting, coaching and technical assistance to churches, organizations and agencies interested in making a difference in urban slums
  • Offer internships and executive level-training for emerging and existing leaders


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