Bild2Whether it’s in a coffee house, a concert arena, your church, or simply on a wall, tell your friends, neighbors, classmates, coworkers, relatives, and more about the issue of urban poverty. Let people know you are passionate about the issue and tell them about the work of ConeXión Mosaico How?

1. Social Networking: Have you got a wide following on Twitter? We’re developing a new group of volunteers willing to use their online presence and following to increase ours. If you’re a blogger, Tweeter or have an impressive Facebook friends list we’d love to chat. We want to develop a network of individuals willing to post about us. People are looking around for a leader to help them take steps in the fight against urban poverty. Perhaps that leader is you. So become an advocate by representing our cause and telling your followers how they can join us in bringing urban poverty to an end, one community at a time. Email our website link to others and bring ConeXión Mosaico and the challenge or urban slums to your community.

2. Networking and Advocating: Are you a natural networker? Intentionally connect ConeXión Mosaico to individuals, foundations, churches or businesses you know that may want to give to international causes. Act as a liaison to these and other resources that may be useful to our work and specific projects. Encourage business owners and social entrepreneurs among your friends to use a percentage of their business profits towards the work of ConeXión Mosaico. Organize a creative exposé, drama, art event or concert at your church, school or social club to expose people about the reality of urban poverty worldwide. Become an advocate!

3. Church Representative: We’re on the lookout for individuals who can help communicate the message of ConeXión Mosaico to their church. Could you inspire your church to be part of our vision? If you have a passion for the local church, are able to motivate others to action and are inspired by the work of ConeXión Mosaico ,we’d love to hear from you. ConeXión Mosaico Church Representatives do an amazing job at getting our work known and supported. They’re used to promote our appeals, call people to pray, fight injustice and fundraise on behalf of those we serve. If you think you’re up for the challenge and would carry the backing of your church leadership, we’d love to hear from you.

4. Public Speaking: Are you a great communicator? Do you preach with passion? You may be the sort of person we’re looking for. We’re on the lookout for people who love communicating and want to help us get out the message of ConeXión Mosaico– whether in their school, church, among their friends or in other public settings. If you enjoy speaking in public, have a good idea of what the Bible says about poverty and injustice and don’t mind making a call to action, you could have the necessary skills to become a ConeXión Mosaico speaker. If you’d like to know how you can use your communication talent for ConeXión Mosaico, please get in touch with us.
For more information, or if you’re interested to share the story of our work and become an advocate, please email us at We’ll get back to you!

Bild4Be part of the Mosaic by considering a financial donation to the organization.  Donations can be given in general or designated for a specific project.  If you have any interest in helping us fundraise please click on the following link for creative ideas.

1. Personally:
• Give a one-time gift.
• Adopt one of our projects and make a monthly contribution to it.
• Support a child in our children’s initiative for only $5 a month
• Support a community worker on a monthly basis for up to two years, until his or her salary can be sustained by local resources.

2. Involve your Church or Civic Group: Inspire your own church, civic group or business to include ConeXión Mosaico in its mission or social giving. For more information, click here.

Bild3Commit to pray for the work of ConeXión Mosaico.  Join our global intercessors group by committing to pray at least 2-3 times per week for the work. In doing so you’ll receive a monthly intercessor’s letter that shares 3-4 specific prayer points and answers to prayers.  Pray with us!

To sign up for the prayer update, please contact us at

Bild5Interested in using your professional and educational skills to bring about change in urban poor communities? Consider working long-term for ConeXión Mosaico. Since change doesn’t happen overnight, we need more people who are willing to participate in this work over the long haul, starting with a minimum commitment of two years. Better more. We continuously need trainers and leadership developers, project managers, community organizers, public health workers, social entrepreneurs, church planters, youth workers, urban designers, counselors, graphic and media producers, translators, communicators, administrative assistants, computer whizzes etc.
Please submit your resume/CV and cover letter to In your cover letter outline why you’re interested in joining ConeXión Mosaico, how you believe your skills and experience can help us fight urban poverty. Please include how you heard about this opportunity. Get in the fight!
Join us!

P.S. Whenever possible, we expect new international staff to raise their own salary based on standard ConeXión Mosaico compensation guidelines. While raising your own support is not super-attractive to many people, we assure you that it’s not that difficult either. Think of it this way: a huge benefit to raising your own support is that you get your own friends, family and church to journey with you, including some people that otherwise would never give to the urban poor! If you desire, ConeXión Mosaico staff can provide you with training and coaching as you seek to raise support.