10 Strategic Interventions


1. Whole Families:

Restoring broken families and marriages to reduce domestic violence and sexual abuse, resulting in increased family health and well-being


2. Faith Communities:

Changing the way the urban poor see the world and themselves is crucial to overcoming poverty; that’s why spiritual transformation and the creation of faith communities is key for them to gain hope, to boost their self-esteem and to adopt new values and a vision for life.


3. Healthy Habitat:

Improved housing, spatial, environmental and community health, that increases quality of life and leads to greater physical health.


4. Life-enhancing Education:

Improved accessibility to learning that empowers, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth


5. Psychological & Emotional Health:

Increased spiritual and psychological health, freedom from destructive patterns and recovery from emotional pain and trauma.


6. Leadership & Scalability:

Locally powered change processes that are being scaled and reproduced by involving community members from the beginning in all initiatives and systematizing our efforts through documentation and regular processes of monitoring and evaluation.


7. Advocacy:

Building broad-based networks of community groups, NGOs, churches, private investors, social entrepreneurs, donor agencies and local governments that take on bigger issues, such as promoting good urban governance, justice for the poor, public accountability and larger-scale economic development


8. Civic Participation:

Increased civic participation for the common good, resulting greater social cohesion, more trust and locally-developed solutions to the problems of urban poverty.


9. Economic Development:

The presence of wealth creating and job opportunities for the poor to achieve economic sufficiency.


10. Bridge Building:

Deepening reconciliation that heal the divide among the poor and build relational bridges between the poor and non-poor



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